All Final Fantasy Main Line Titles Could Come To PS4, Square Enix

There’s no questioning the popularity of Final Fantasy franchise, as it has been one of the main reasons that people have been attracted to Sony’s consoles and now it seems that Square Enix is planning on bringing all the mainline titles in the series to PlayStation 4.

Speaking to Game Watch, Shinji Hashimoto stated that re-releases will not be limited to the newly announced Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X/ X-2.

Actually, the re-releases won’t be limited to Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X / X-2. Other Final Fantasy titles could arrive for the PlayStation 4 as well. We have been planning to create a great ecosystem for the series, but for now, most titles are only available for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

He continued on to explain that there are some regions that were unable to tryout the series before, but with PS4, they will also be able to join in on the action.

China is getting its first home console in years and we would like bring the long-awaited masterpieces for the Chinese players as well. PlayStation 4 is the best way to make this happen now. This would also help the console sell better in the region and worldwide.

Do note that re-releases might not be the HD remakes, they could be just like a port of Final Fantasy VII PS4 that was revealed at PlayStation Experience.

What do you think of these statements by Shinji Hashimoto? Which game would you like to see on your PS4?