SaGa 2015 Announced by Square Enix for PS Vita

A new SaGa game will be released next year exclusively for the PlayStation Vita, Square Enix announced during a livestream of its SaGa series’ 25th anniversary.

The game currently has a working title of “SaGa 2015” and more information will be thrown our way once the new year begins. The game is said to feature new scores by Kenji Ito who is a longtime composer for the series.

Additionally, Square Enix also announced a new PC browser game for the series which is called Imperial Saga. A short glimpse of the game was shared in the stream, which will feature a brand new story and include the world setting of past SaGa titles.

Imperial SaGa will also release in 2015 and will be a single-player only RPG. A logo featuring a knight and lion is up on its official website with the quote: “Demigod Adele, will he (or she) choose light or darkness…”.