Patch 3.0 and Teladi Outpost DLC Released for X Rebirth

Update 3.0 has been released for X Rebirth and is also being accompanied by the release of the Teladi Outpost DLC.

According to a massive change-log posted on its Steam page under the tagline of “X Rebirth 3.0 Manual,” the latest patch brings numerous changes to the game.

Pressing escape will now abort all cut-scenes. Finding one craftable item will now have your inventory menu show the other missing items and the product(s) you can build out of it. New security panels now allow you more ways to sabotage the enemy’s space station.

A successful sabotage of station defense systems now gives you a limited period of time in which the station is weaker. Sabotaging the repair facility will greatly increase the time taken for the crew to rebuild the station after an attack. You can now improve the skill set of your workers by giving them virtual seminars.

Similarly there are changes to boarding ships, trading, gifting and bribing, fleet captains, combat and more. You can go through all the changes by heading here.

For those interested in the new Teladi Outpost DLC, X Rebirth gets two new Teladi systems to explore. One contains the Habitat-class “superstation” Overwatch which is one of the largest space stations ever to appear in the X Universe. Additionally there are new Teladi ships, items, and upgrades, as well as new enemies.

The Teladi Outpost DLC was originally intended to be released for free for anyone who owned or had purchased the game before November. However, developer Egosoft has now decided to make it free for everyone as “a thank-you gift for all X Rebirth owners” due to the game’s issues-plagued launch.