Early Windows 10 Build Reveals Cortana and New Xbox App Integration

Recent information leaked about the upcoming Windows 10 consumer build version has revealed the addition of Cortana.

Microsoft’s AI is going to be situated at the top of the OS’ search interface and will gladly respond to text and voice commands. Cortana is expected to function very similar to the Windows Phone version and those with that experience will be well versed on what to expect when Windows 10 launches next year.

Additionally, to the integration of Cortana, a new Xbox app has also come to light. The app is said to act as a bridge between the OS and the Xbox with all of its services (achievements, friends lists, feeds, store, activities).

Microsoft plans to add SmartGlass integration as well but this is something planned for the future and will not be included in the early preview of the app.

Finally, it has also been revealed that the TaskView switching panel in the OS has gotten new animations. The settings button has been removed from the Charms Bar, and Microsoft is speculated to be removing the traditional Control Panel by updating the settings app to be the new Control Panel.

In all, the company is working to improve overall access for users, which was a bother with Windows 8.

Microsoft is currently preparing for a January press event where the company plans to detail the many improvements Windows 10 will be bringing to the table.

Source: The Verge