Lindsay Lohan Comes Up With Her Own Mobile Game, Makes Fun of Hollywood

There are a plethora of mobile games out there, which is why developers collaborate with some famous celebrities to increase the outreach for their games.

We saw that with the amazingly popular Kim Kardashian’s mobile title, and now Lindsay Lohan has stepped into the mobile market as well, but her game is not about the luxurious life style of Hollywood instead it is focused on its ridiculousness.

The game is filled with sarcasm as you will see prompts like “buy some stupid celebrity stuff” or “gender is a social construct and so is your persona” and other similar statements like that.

Just like most of the mobile games, it also features plenty of micro-transactions which are also making fun of different aspects of Hollywood.

The gameplay is based around swiping up constantly to get as many fans as possible, and at the end of each level, some points are awarded which can be used to upgrade the lifestyle.

The game is created by Space Inch Studios that describe the game as:

First you get a few fans, then you get a few more, then you get thousands, millions, billions, trillions … Once you get 400 fans, you can create your own celebrity persona — wear a space helmet with a see-through dress, high heels, a solid gold mask, and hang out with a pet tiger.

You can get this Lindsay Lohan mobile title for iOS and Android for free.