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Driveclub Redline Expansion Trailer Introduces New Rides

After a pretty shaky release, Driveclub looks like it is finally back on track. With most of the post-release issues gone, it seems like the right time for an expansion.

Fortunately, Evolution Studios agree and is planning to release a new expansion for Sony’s flagship racer. The expansion named Redline has also been given a trailer to show us what it has to offer. Check it out above.

Redline will offer players with five new cars including:

  1. Alpine A110-50
  2. F1 LM
  3. 458 Speciale,
  4. Corvette Stingray
  5. SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive

That’s not all, players will be able to take these rides for a spin on a new tour with 11 events in which five trophies can be earned.

Previously, Evolution Studios released the ignition expansion for Driveclub which also contained the same amount of content i.e. five cars, 11 events and five trophies.

Although, Driveclub looks pretty amazing and most of the issues are fixed but some of the fans are still skeptical about the game and are waiting for the free PS Plus version to be released.

Unfortunately, those fans will have to be patient as Sony won’t be releasing the free version until they are ‘confident that servers can take the load.’

Driveclub Redline expansion is going to be released later this month on December 23 in North America while the fans in the European Union can pick it up a few days early on December 17.