Destiny Players Getting Banned For Using Modded Consoles

Modified consoles are a pain in the a** for developers and they often take steps to ensure their content is protected. One of these steps is a banhammer which was recently used by Bungie.

According to a new update on Bungie’s community blog, some Destiny players have been banned. The reason behind this is the use of modified consoles.

Bungie’s post states the following:

“We routinely review Banhammer actions to ensure that they are applied accurately and fairly. A review of the bans applied over the last week shows that all of the affected accounts had logged into Destiny on a modified console at some point.”

The post however, failed to mention the amount of players affected by this ban. It is also unclear for how long these accounts have been banned.

The use of modified consoles is certainly unacceptable and I completely side with Bungie on this. With that said, we often see people getting banned without even committing this offense. Hopefully, Bungie has insured and identified the culprits through a transparent procedure.

Destiny creator also advised players to “use the boxes that your favorite retailer ‘gave’ you.”

Well, that was regarding the banhammer, what about the issue players are facing after downloading the recent Dark Below expansion?

In the same post, Bungie assured fans that there is now a fix available for this bug and suggested to check our respective consoles for instructions. You can read the whole post and know more about The Dark Below here.

Destiny is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.