Dark Souls Steam Migration Information Coming on Moday

In the past few months, a lot of big games made their way to Steam and forever said goodbye to Microsoft’s Games For Windows Live. For a while now, we have been hearing whispers of Dark Souls breaking the shackles of Games For Windows Live and making its way to Valve’s Steam.

It seems as though the transition might finally happen pretty soon. Bandai Namco’s community manager, J.Kartje, has provided fans with another update regarding this awaited transition.

According to one of his tweets, we can expect some details about the transition on December 15:

“Looks like everyone can expect details on Monday regarding Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Steam migration!”

Kartje is the one who previously indicated that Dark Souls might move to Steam in the coming weeks. Let’s see where this goes but it won’t be surprising if this actually happens as Dark Souls II is already available on Steam.

Hopefully, players will be allowed to transfer their progress so won’t have to start all over again.

Games For Windows Live service has been struggling to compete with Steam forever as the majority of PC gamers around the world prefer valve’s service over Microsoft’s.

Steam is slowly becoming the sole leader in the entertainment distribution for PC. Which is obviously a good thing for Valve but I believe isn’t as good for the gamer.

There should be someone to give competition to Steam in order to keep it on its toes, so Valve keeps thinking of new ways to gain more customers. Competition is always better for the users instead of monopoly. What do you think?

Source: twitter