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Battlefield: Hardline Four Playable Classes Detailed By Visceral

Visceral Games has been pretty quiet about its upcoming title Battlefield: Hardline lately, but today the studio has gone all in and revealed information on all playable classes of the multiplayer.

Although the game will feature the four class set-up of Battlefield 4, the roles that have been assigned this time around are a bit different.

First on the list is the Operator Class:

  • Role: Primary Gunfighter and Medic
  • First Aid Pack (Heal teammates)
  • Survivalist (Revive yourself after an explosive kill)
  • Revive (Revive teammates)

The class is still powerful but is more focused on balance. However, due to limited amount of gadgets being available for this class, support will be required from other teammates.

Secondly, we have got Mechanic:

  • Role: Gadgets and Vehicles
  • 40mm GL (Destroy vehicles)
  • Repair Tool (Repair vehicles, disarm explosive traps)
  • Sabotage (Trap vehicles and objectives)
  • Armored Insert (Survive a sniper shot to the chest)
  • Sat Phone (Place a spawn point for your teammates)

The focus of this class is vehicle based, but with the amount of gadgets this class holds, it will come in handy in every mode and map.

Moving on, we have another class named as Professional:

  • Role: Traps and Intel
  • Laser Tripmine (Lay traps for agents)
  • Camera (Spots approaching enemies)
  • Decoy (Deceives enemies)
  • Stealth Training (Reduce enemy awareness of your movements)

The hard-hitting SRs and DMRs will allow this class to secure the objectives from some distance. Furthermore, this class has some stealth training as well allowing it to get a drop on enemies.

Finally, there’s Enforcer:

  • Role: Support
  • Ammo Bag (Resupply teammates)
  • Breaching Charge (Destroy walls & vehicles, set traps at objectives)
  • Riot Shield (Defend yourself and teammates)

The Enforcer is still as bad-ass as you know; it is capable of taking the enemies down with Shotguns at short range while dealing fair amount of damage at medium range with Assault Rifles.

You will be able to get your hands on Battlefield: Hardline starting March 12, when it releases for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC.