Trials Finally Gets PvP Multiplayer, Well, One Game Does

There is finally competitive multiplayer in the latest Trials game. If you thought we were talking about Trials Fusion, however, you may be a little disappointed.

Publisher Ubisoft announced that it has implemented player versus player (PvP) options in Trials Frontier, the mobile offshoot of the series. We’re sorry. It’s available right now for both iOS and Android.

It’s said that this update is the largest for the mobile game yet and introduces PvP to the franchise as a whole. Asynchronous gameplay, however, stays largely the same.

Players can take each other on at different times for a spot on the Leaderboards. Victory comes with in-game rewards. There are 16 new tracks to unlock and a new cave location.

Trials Frontier keeps the same topsy-turvy mechanisms of the other side-scrolling releases. Tough obstacle courses with tons of animated activity have racers try to climb, jump and flip their way to the finish line.

In this mobile release, visuals are kept more to the cartoon cutout style that’s popular on phones and tablets. It should require about 140Mb of space and runs on iOS 6.1 and later versions or Android 2.3.3 and up, which is rather lenient.

Word to the wise: You may want to check before downloading Trials Frontier. While it is a free-to-play release, its permissions are extensive, including anything from access to your calendar, camera and calls.

Meanwhile, the main release, Trials Fusion, still doesn’t have multiplayer that’s been “requested” several times over by fans. It is currently scheduled though, but you’ll need to wait until 2015 for that to happen.