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Train Simulator’s Dovetail Games Lands F1 Director

British house, Dovetail Games, has appointed a new lead for their upcoming flight simulator. Stephen Hood will come over from the Formula One series back at developer Codemasters, where they were the creative director.

Prior to a role in Codemasters’ biggest franchise, Stephen Hood was part of other notable companies, such as Sony Computer Entertainment and Fable’s Lionhead Studios. Hood commented on the move to the different British studio:

I’m incredibly proud to have helped Codemasters put Formula One games back on the map.

The time was right to accept a new opportunity with the talented team at Dovetail Games. I cannot wait to play a part in their future success.

Founded in 2008, Dovetail Games has been steadily climbing in the gaming world. It may have been the source of ridicule multiple times with its main franchise, Train Simulator, but its roaring success can’t be whisked away so easily.

Aside from providing a yearly train sim, the company has recently expanded to try different environments. In July, Dovetail Games Fishing entered Steam via Early Access.

Their progress has played a role in the cold, calculated “simulator” type of games receiving a lot more attention over the years. While some companies, several of them German, churn out more mediocre iterations of just about anything, the concentrated effort of Dovetail Games has seen it perform well.

Bagging a name like Stephen Hood, credited to a highly revered racing simulation, gives Dovetail Games a lot more credibility. Additionally, the company hired Nick Rooke, previously with Microsoft and Sony, to handle third party business.