The Order: 1886 Gets Fifteen Minutes of Gameplay Footage

Fifteen minutes of The Order: 1886 gameplay footage taken from last week’s PlayStation Experience has now made its way online.

The footage shows the game’s fifth chapter titled Agamemnon Rising. Here Galahad, a member of an elite ancient order of knights, and his companions are tasked with infiltrating and taking control of a zeppelin that is flying above England’s capital city. The video shows how it only sounds simple in text.

Ready at Dawn has truly done a marvelous job with the game. It looks stunning and enlists even a greater fear into me regarding the rumors that suggest The Order: 1886 is all visuals. Personally, I can’t believe such a game to have dodgy firing mechanics and an unsatisfying gameplay experience.

The Order: 1886 features an alternate history Victorian setting where an order of knights is engaged in a centuries-old war against mutated humans called half-breeds.

The Order: 1886 is scheduled for release in February exclusively for the PlayStation 4. We’ll know soon enough if this is a system seller or not. It was originally scheduled for release as a launch title for the console.