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The Crew Stats Erasing Problem Is Being Worked On

The Crew launched almost a week ago and as most of the games these days, it didn’t come without its fair share of problems.

One of these problems is when the game’s servers remove most of the players’ stats for no apparent reason.

Ubisoft has now given a statement regarding the issue and has assured that no major data has been lost like level progression, cars and money.

Lately, some players have been encountering an issue where some game statistics [were] lost Our team has been looking into it and was able to identify the issue. What was happening is that the server was sometimes unable to load your stats and erasing them.

With the latest patch that was released earlier this week, the issue did get a fix but the stats that have been shown in The Crew are still not accurate. Ubisoft assures that a fix to completely get rid of this problem is under development and will be making its way to the game in the near future.

Be sure that the team will be fixing this last issue for good in a future patch, until then, if you want to see your stats you can log off and log back into the game a couple of times and you should see them properly.

Have you encountered data erasing problem in The Crew? Let us know in the comments below!