Take-Two Doesn’t Want To Milk Gamers Through DLC, Says Karl Slatoff

Over the past few years DLC content has risen to new heights. It has become an essential part of almost every other game release. Be it AAA or indie titles, DLC is there.

Great content is always welcomed but sometimes DLC for certain games just doesn’t feel like it’s worth the price. There was a time when we use to play for hours just to unlock some cool new stuff in our game, but now we mostly pay for new stuff.

Like most games, Grand Theft Auto also offers its players additional content and the majority of the people I know, including me, happily pay for this. Why? Because DLC of GTA is often meaningful and worth the price.

This exact point was raised by Take Two’s Karl Slatoff, who stated:

“The key factor to success with recurrent consumer spending is to provide consumers with incremental content that they value. And that’s the core of our strategy behind our recurrent consumer spending.

It’s to provide them with deep content in the initial release, that keeps them engaged–that creates opportunities. And it’s to offer them additional content that they find to be very meaningful and are very happy to pay for if the opportunity arise.”

I shouldn’t point someone out but surely, some of the other big name publishers/developers need to read this statement.

Speaking at the BMO Capital Markets Technology and Digital Media Conference, Slatoff further said that the most important thing for them as a publisher is to make sure fans don’t feel being milked “at every turn.”

We certainly can’t take DLC out of the equation but it is important that fans realize the value of the content they are being offered. I hope more companies follow in the footsteps of Take Two.