Steam Holiday Auction Temporarily Closed, Valve Announced

Just recently Valve announced a Holiday Auction to be held on Steam. This was a chance for many gamers like me to ease the Holiday shopping burden from their wallets.

Sadly, good things don’t really last that long I guess. After just being live for only one day, Steam Holiday Auction has been closed, as announced by Valve.

The reason behind this is an exploit or bug which allowed some users to get their hands on a huge amount gems.

Gems were used to bid on games, so obviously if some users have a plethora of these, there is no point of participating in the auction.

Hence, the closure!

The auction allowed Steam users to convert items such as Trading Cards, Emoticons and Backgrounds into gems. These gems were later used to bid on games available at the auction.

Now, it is unclear if some users were able to exploit the system or if this was a backend issue. Steam has only stated:

“Sorry, but there have been some issues with Gems and the Steam Holiday Auction has been temporarily closed,” Says the Steam Auction page.

The page further states that the auction will soon be back online:

“The elves are working frantically to get the issues sorted out, and the auction will start again as soon as they’re done.”

That’s good to know. We have contacted Valve to know more about this problem, as soon as they comment on the situation, we’ll let you know.