One Piece: Grand Battle X Will Support Amiibo Figurine

Nintendo’s amiibo figures are gaining popularity pretty rapidly among third party studios and among them is Namco Bandai, who will be releasing Amiibo figures for One Piece Grand: Battle X.

The game which is already available for Nintendo’s 3DS will support amiibo figures of Mario, Link, Luigi and Fox.

Interacting with the game using these figures will unlock various costumes for different One Piece: Grand Battle X characters.

For now, the game doesn’t support this feature but a new update will soon add it into the mix.

The news was revealed in the latest edition of Shonen Jump magazine which showed Luffy dressed as Mario and Luigi.

You can also see Sanji as Fox while Zoro is taking-up the persona of Link from Legend of Zelda.

Players looking to use this feature on the 3DS should know that while the new 3DS has a built-in NFC receiver, the old one doesn’t. NFC is necessary for amiibo figures to communicate with the device.

Don’t worry though, Nintendo is going to release a separate NFC adapter for the older versions of 3DS and 2DS, so that users of the previous models can benefit from this feature as well.

The first wave of amiibo figures is already available in the market while the second one is planned for a release sometime this month. Each amiibo is priced at $12.99.

Source: ApForums