Halo HD Remake For PC Being Developed By Fans

Microsoft seems to have forgotten about PC players altogether when it comes to their flagship Halo franchise, with no announcement for any PC version in sight.

However, one small team of developers calling themselves Project Contingency have decided not to depend on Microsoft anymore and bring an HD version of the Halo to the PC community.

The team is very serious with the project and is using Crytek’s CryEngine 3 to ensure that graphical quality is up to the mark.

To show what they have been able to do thus far, a new video has been released which you can check out above.

It doesn’t show any gameplay at this moment, but you will be seeing some animations and models that have been created.

Making a full fledge graphical leap is not an easy task, and the team behind this Halo HD PC version is well aware of that, which is why they are seeking some talented individuals to become part of the development process, so that the pace of work can be increased.

The project looks far from over at this point but at least the team is committed to accomplish it. You can get more details regarding the project on its official website.