Cities XXL Gets New Information and a Teaser Trailer

Focus Interactive has revealed a ton of new information regarding the upcoming city builder, Cities XXL along with a new teaser trailer.

The information comes via press release where developers assure that this new entry in the series will be bigger and better city builder compared to its predecessor.

There will be multiple ways to design your city, as you will be able to create a metropolis using various resources that will be available at your disposal.

The game will only come to PC and will run on an improved video game engine, and it will feature more than 1000 buildings along with 70 maps. These maps will feature new landscapes, environments and some new ecological features as well.

Moreover, Cities XXL will include four classes of citizens that will span across four densities of housing. With time and resources, you will grow from small town to an economic power house.

Then there is street view which will allow you to meet the happy citizens of your city as they perform different activities like driving to work, doing ski, playing basketball and more.

To get a taste of what the game has in store for you, check out the attached video above.

No release date has been provided at the moment, but we will keep you updated as developers reveal more.