World Of Warships Gameplay Trailer Arrives Ahead of Closed Beta

Wargaming, the developers behind the popular World of Tanks MMO announced World of Warships back in 2011, and after three years of wait, we have finally got ourselves a gameplay trailer.

The trailer showcases some of the ships that players will be taking control of or taking down in the upcoming MMO.

The video also preps up the closed beta for World of Warships that is set to begin tomorrow for the selected players.

In the beta, lucky testers will be able to play the tactical naval battles from Tier 1 to Tier V. Furthermore, they will be allowed to play as three classes: Stealthy Destroyers, Powerful Battleships and Nimble Cruisers.

Initially, players will only be allowed to play against the AI but as they level up, they will start to engage in PvP encounters as well.

Players will be taking control of some Japanese and US ships during this weekend’s beta.

Gather game progress towards iconic vessels from Japan and the USA including the USS Fletcher destroyer, the Japanese Shimakaze and the mighty Yamato class battleship.

If you haven’t already registered yourself, then worry not as there’s still time. Just visit the game’s official blog and complete all the required steps to participate.

If you do manage to get selected for World of Warships beta, then don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments below!