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The Evil Within Update 1.03 Is Out For PC, And It’s Huge

One of the critically acclaimed horror titles of this year, The Evil Within has received a new update on PC which is quite a large install considering it doesn’t bring a lot to the game.

The update requires more than 4GB of your hard disk space and it just brings some optimization changes for the higher end GPU systems, addresses The Power of Three achievement which was getting unlocked by mistake, and another achievement related tweak.

You can read the patch notes below:

  • Performance optimizations on Higher end GPU systems
  • Fix for “The Power of Three” achievement unlocking incorrectly after upgrading the same weapon three times
  • Count-based achievement progress persists when loading earlier saves for some achievements

As you can see it doesn’t seem much, but you will need to spare time and download this large update for The Evil Within.

The game was highly criticized upon its release due to its outdated visuals, and this update seems to add more options to the game to address those concerns.

However, do proceed with caution, as some players on Steam are reporting some crashing issues, no sound and no toolbar after downloading it.

The Evil Within made its way to the stores back in October, and got a mixed reception from the fans, as some people liked it because of its focus on the survival, whereas some criticized it for not so great visuals.

You can make your own opinion about the game by getting it on PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One or PC.