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Special Dragon PS4 Edition Revealed for China

The PlayStation 4 will officially launch in China on January 11 and will feature a special version exclusive to the region.

Called the Special Dragon Edition, the custom edition comes with a dragon paintjob on the front hard drive bay. These will be available for purchase at launch, along side the standard Jet Black and the recent Glacier White versions.

The PlayStation Vita will also launch in China on the same date and there’s a special dragon pouch for players to store their handheld in.

The PlayStation 4 will retail for 2,899 RMB or $469, while the PlayStation Vita will retail for 1,299 RMB or $209.

In comparison, the Xbox One is already available in China for purchase and costs CNY 3,699 which roughly comes to about $600. The Kinect version on the other hand costs CNY 4,299 or $699.

At the moment it’s confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will launch with about fifty games in China, many of which are supposedly Chinese translated versions of previously released titles. However, actual launches seldom go as planned.

Microsoft had also promised a line of titles for launch but in the end most were delayed and have yet to be released.

An interesting point to know is that both consoles are distributed by the same company in China, Shanghai Media Group.

via Kotaku