PS4 Friends Log-In Notification Feature Might Just Be Around The Corner

One of the most requested features for Sony’s PlayStation 4, is to know when your friends have logged-in to PSN. Over the past few months, some rumors were flying around the internet regarding the introduction of this feature, via an update for PS4.

Up until now, they were just rumors and speculations. What changed you ask?

Let me fill-you-in. Sony recently released a new video, showcasing the party feature of PlayStation 4, giving details on how it works.

Just at the beginning of the video you’ll notice something really exciting. The player gets notification while playing a game. Not just any notification, it’s the friends log-in notification.

You don’t have to take my word for it, check out footage above and see for yourself.

The long awaited feature might just be around the corner, judging by this video. Although Sony hasn’t officially announced this feature but the odds of this being added soon are pretty high at this point.

Just recently, Sony released a new update, a major update 2.0 which added some interesting features such as the SharePlay. Honestly, I was expecting friends log-in notification to be added with that but hey, better late than never right?

Hopefully, Sony will break the silence and reveal the good news.