“Pornographic” Papers, Please Rejected On iPad

Indie developer Lucas Pope has stated that Apple originally rejected Papers, Please for iPad, due to its questionable imagery. According to Apple, the sexually tinted images were too much, so the released version of the famous game will not include full nudity, as stated on Twitter:

On PC, through Steam, there is full frontal nudity in Papers, Please. This element pops up during one of the game’s options, all based on checking people during border control.

In the game, one of the earliest tools that are put into the control booth allows players to take photographs of people. These nude shots are meant to thwart people from taking contraband over the border, usually indicated with a taped package put somewhere on the body.

Apple seems to think that the crude pixel depictions of nude applicants are pornographic in nature. Though it’s technically correct, this embarrassing state is used more to represent the humiliating reality of bureaucracy more than anything.

Smut or not, a lot of people have really taken to Papers, Please and its fictional region of Arstotzka. It has won Best Game awards from Wired, Destructoid and PC World, among several others.

A lot of its success comes from simulating the depressing reality that comes with being an underling in a strict government regime. Laws and rules are fickle and obtuse, which makes messing up the details easy, though punishment is harsh for those who falter.

During the game, the character is additionally pressured to succeed to make enough money to feed a starving family. In the meantime, the tense political climate makes things even harder.

Papers, Please is still getting released on iPad on December 12, 2014.