No Man’s Sky Developer Talks Multiplayer, Won’t Be Like Other Games

Ever since No Man’s Sky was announced, a lot has been shared about the game. However, something which the developers at Hello Games rarely talked about was the multiplayer portion of it. So, at this point, we don’t really know what it would be like.

Sean Murray, Hello Games Boss, commented on the lack of details of the game.

He stated that fans have not fully realized how massive the universe in No Man’s Sky is, according to him, it’s highly unlikely you’ll come across another player anytime soon.

“People keep saying to us, ‘Yeah, but what if I knew where they were? Would I go there?’ And it’s like, yeah, but they are going to have to stay there for quite a while while you get over there. And then once you get over there you might land on the same planet and then you will say, ‘I’m on a planet the size of Earth and I am on a mountain. Where are you?’ Which is, I know, a weird thing and it’s a daunting thing.”

So, if I understand correctly, there is a possibility that a player might not be able to play the multiplayer at all. Just because of the sheer size of the game. Surely, the developer will have some sort of mechanism is place for this.

“What we can do is, like many games that you have at the moment, where you are flying around with an open lobby.”

“ We handle the case like where other people can fly past in your game or that you can bump into other players in the game.”

The first time I saw the game it looked to me like an MMO, however, Murray stated that they are not looking to make an MMO. According to him, multiplayer of the game is an addition, not the main part. Similar to Journey or Watch Dogs.

The size of No Man’s Sky is something that has been talked about the most. The game features a procedurally generated environment with 64-bit numbers. This means that it would take you about 584 million years to explore every planet in the game for 1 sec.

No Man’s Sky is coming in 2015 for PS4 and PC. Let us know what you think of it below!

Source: GameInformer