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NBA 2K15 Patch 3 Brings a Plethora of Fixes for PC Players

Players have been enjoying their time with NBA 2K15, but not without its fair share of issues. 2K has been releasing patches on regular basis, and now we have got another one.

Third patch of the game, which was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One a couple of days ago, has landed on Steam for the PC players.

The patch addresses a plethora of issues that were plaguing the overall gameplay. Special fixes have been made to the gameplay, My GM, My League, My Career and some other game modes.

Defensive movements during the matches has been improved to make them more responsive. Shooting fouls that were not being called have been fixed as well.

The technical fouls have been disabled from online play altogether. Balance offensive and defensive rebounding have also been revamped. Unresponsiveness has been reduced and dribbling system has been majorly improved.

AI opponents will now see the available options after getting a rebound. Moreover, AI players will behave in accordance to their real life counterparts.

Some other fixes made to the gameplay are listed below:

  • Fixed the ability to throw long touchdown passes by alley-ooping to the receiver from the backcourt.
  • Force receivers to play standing catches on check-ball passes.
  • Fixed an issue where a user’s pass release type request was being overridden during fast breaks.
  • Fixed several cases of rebounding goaltends being called too frequently.
  • Improvements to passing and catching into the post.
  • Made passers more aware of defenders behind them when selecting pass animations.

In addition to the gameplay changes, other game modes have received plenty of improvements, changes and fixes as well.

You can catch up on all the patch notes of NBA 2K15 patch 3 on the game’s official website.