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Microsoft Asking Fans’ Opinion Regarding Killer Instinct PC Version

Killer Instinct served as a launch title for Xbox One and a lot of fighting genre fans are joining in with time. Also, Phil Spencer seems pretty confident about the title and he wants to invest more in it.

However, there is one issue, despite the game’s huge demand on PC it hasn’t managed to get a port, but it looks like that Microsoft is slowly changing its mind.

Creative Director at Microsoft Studios, Adam Isgreen on the Ultra Combo forums has been discussing a topic of “PC or not to PC” where he is asking the fans through a poll about their opinions regarding the PC version of Killer Instinct.

The options of the poll are:

  • I already own KI for Xbox One, but would love the option to play it on PC.
  • I don’t own KI or an Xbox One, but would buy KI on PC if it was available!
  • I own KI on Xbox One, and don’t think a PC version is a good idea (reasoning in post)
  • I have no interest in KI, but it should be on PC anyway.
  • I’m indifferent. Put it on PC… or not.

Fighting genre has been quite popular among the gamers of all ages and platforms, and I am sure that PC players would love to get their hands on Killer Instinct.

The season 2 of the game is already underway and it has introduced us to new characters with more to join in in the coming months. Apart from the characters, some new features and moves for the characters have been added as well.

Now that Microsoft has started to show interest in Killer Instinct PC version, we can hope that it will become part of the PC community in the near future.