Guild Wars 2 to Get New Daily Achievement System Next Week

There is no questioning the popularity of Guild Wars 2, as a ton of players are enjoying their time with it.

However, Arena Net doesn’t want to stop just yet. The studio is looking to introduce a new “daily achievement system” to improve the overall gaming experience and let people do what they want to do and get rewards for it.

The daily achievements will be spread across all three categories i.e. PvP, PvE and WvW. This means that players will not be forced into a category that they don’t want to play in.

It also ensures that players will have something new to do every single day, and for completing a certain achievement, (objective/task) they will be rewarded.

Some of these achievements will be easy whereas some will be hard, ignoring them or completing them will depend on the players. If they want to complete the easy one then there’s no pressure but the harder achievement will give greater rewards.

Furthermore, a new meta-achievement feature will be added that will give the players 10 achievement points for completing just three of the achievements from any category.

However, these points aren’t the only rewards, as Arena Net promises that there will be different kinds of rewards for every single day.

The best part of this new system coming to Guild Wars 2 is that it doesn’t force players to play or compete in all categories. Players can just play their regular session and can earn the rewards easily.

Achievement changes along with winter holiday event “Winters Day” will become part of Guild Wars 2 on the coming Tuesday, December 16.

Source: Guild Wars 2 Blog