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Drawn To Death: David Jaffe Reacts to Criticism in a Unique Way

Well, we all have our own ways to deal with or handle criticism. For instance, I just cry myself to sleep.

When it comes to developers and their games being criticised, most of the time devs welcome constructive criticism. However, sometimes criticism is just all-out bashing of the game and its developer.

To this, various devs react in different ways.

On PlayStation Experience, David Jaffe revealed a new free-to-play 4 player shooter, Drawn To Death. The concept of the game is pretty unique as the whole game takes place inside the notebook of a high school student.

Over the internet, the game was highly criticized by some fans and as I said the concept of the game is unique, the reply of Jaffe to all this criticism was quite unique as well.

David Jaffe posted a video on his Youtube Channel in which a character from the game named Johnny, is seen reading some of the fan comments about the title on his smartphone. You can see some of these comments below:

  • It looks like Splatoon. Minus Everything I love about Splatoon.
  • Four player maximum arena shooter? Nah, son.
  • The art sure takes me back…I don’t know if I like being taken back.
  • Why in god’s name would I play a 4-player shooter
  • I think David Jaffe’s entire life is set inside a high school notebook
  • Who keeps letting Jaffe make games?
  • I bet this would be great…back in 1998.
  • At the end of the footage, a message is prompted on the screen stating: “Thanks for your comments…#GoF****Yourself.”

    Now, I don’t agree with this type of reply from a dev and I also believe trolls shouldn’t be given much attention. The reason I say that is because from what i’ve seen, the game looks pretty good and fun to play.

    Still, I would love to know what you think of it? Share your opinions in the comments.