Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals Pushed Digital Video Game Revenues Past $1 Billion

A large number of people do most of their shopping during Thanksgiving holidays by utilizing multiple Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. The tradition continued this year and took the video game digital revenues to the new heights.

Super Data has reported that the combined digital video game sales for the two big days have managed to surpass $1 billion mark.

PC, consoles and mobile games benefited a lot from the sales that were put up by different online retailers and gamers spent 23% more on digital games when compared to the Thanksgiving last year.

The report also states that people are more inclined towards the retail stores, as they give drastic discounts on the most wanted products during this time of year.

Retail’s huge discounts on hardware were instrumental in driving digital mobile and console game sales, earning revenues of $355 million and $111 million, respectively.

As mentioned before, digital video game sales managed to surpass 1 billion US dollars, which shows that people are interested in the video games but are more likely to spend on them when they are available at cheaper prices.

With Christmas holidays coming up, we can expect more sales from some major online retailers, which will also attract a lot of consumers.

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