AeternoBlade Gets Vita Port In Japan As Time Avenger

There’s a port in the works for a rather unknown Nintendo 3DS game, AeternoBlade, from developer CoreCell Technology. It flew under the radar earlier this year, but it will make it to Playstation Vita in Japan this December.

This PS Vita version, however, will be renamed as Time Avenger, which references one of the side-scroller’s main mechanisms. It sort of works like Prince of Persia, where players are allowed to rewind their steps to redo sections.

AeternoBlade, now referenced as a less pleasing Time Avenger, is in hand of Arc System Works, mostly known for their fighting titles, like BlazBlue and Guilty Gear. They’ve worked with CoreCell before on their game, Crazy Strike Bowling.

Time Avenger has received a trailer that shows some extensive amount of features, so at least you’ll know what you’re getting into beforehand. Part of the game focuses on platform segments, while the other part is defined by its combat.

Aside from a mix of normal enemies and large boss encounters, Time Avenger also has some customization options. For instance, a wide upgrade grid can be seen that adds combo attacks to certain button inputs.

Originally, Time Avenger was a crowd funding project, though it didn’t gain a ton of momentum through its Indiegogo campaign. In fact, yours truly was one of just 72 backers in an objective that needed $30,000, but ultimately only managed to scrape by a little over a thousand.

It’s actually kind of nice to see Time Avenger not only go to a completed release, but now also get put onto more platforms. That’s not bad for something that took such a nosedive when it started out.

Source: SIliconera.