Advanced Warfare Ranked Play Season 1 To Kick-Off Early January

Last month, the pre-season for ranked play in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare started and since then, fans have been wanting to know more about the beginning of season 1.

Some light has finally been shed on this matter as Sledgehammer’s own Michael Condrey revealed, when we can expect the first season to begin.

Condrey took to twitter and stated that the devs are aware of the issue players are facing in the pre-season. The company is working towards fixing the bugs, prior to the first season, which is expected to start in early January.

According to his post on twitter:

“We’re aware of ranked play issues & still working out kinks in preseason, prior to season opener anticipated for early January. Stay tuned”

Previously, it was believed that the season will begin in December. I guess, more time will allow developers to iron things out. In the meantime, players can prepare themselves more for some intense Call of Duty action.

Each Ranked play season will last a month and at the end, top players will get exclusive rewards. Speaking of rewards, just recently it was revealed that at the end of season one, top 100 players will get an exclusive Grand Master gear. You can know more about this reward here.

Moreover, developers are going to be making some changes to the way Ranked Play works. You can see the list of changes below:

1: Lobbies read all as matched players initially
2: Disbanding the lobby after every match
3: Skill based matchmaking improvements
4: No joining matches in progress

More Ranked Play news is expected soon, stay tuned to SegmentNext!

Source: Twitter