Yakuza: Zero Gets Twenty Minutes of PS4 Gameplay Footage

Sega has released a new video for Yakuza: Zero that offers around twenty minutes of pure gameplay footage.

The action starts from the four-minute mark and showcases the developer’s depiction of Tokyo in the 1980s. The footage is said to be from the PlayStation 4 version.

Yakuza: Zero is the sixth installment in the popular Yakuza series and is a prequel set in December 1988 in fictional Tokyo and Osaka districts, Kamurocho and Soutenburi.

Players will be following a 20-year old Kazuma Kiryu who works part-time as a debt collector for the Tojo Clan, and 24-year-old Goro Majima who ran a popular Soutenburi cabaret club before it closed down.

Yakuza: Zero connects to the storyline of the first Yakuza game and will feature many of the same characters.

Last week, Sega and Sony confirmed that Yazkuza 5 would be releasing the the West in 2015. Sony said the move to bring the game west is partly a result of fans responding to a #BuildTheList campaign in which PlayStation players were asked to mention games they’d like to see released.