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World of Warships Gets Test Weekend

There’s a new test phase headed towards World of Warships, called Rock-Paper-Scissors. It will take place this weekend, between December 12 and December 14, 2014.

Its name is extracted from the three different classes that will be available in the test run. You’ll either take control of “stealthy” destroyers, “nimble” cruisers or “powerful” battleships.

Each model will have their individual strengths, representing the classic Rock-Paper-Scissors mechanism that one side trumps the other in a triangle pattern. Naval battles will progress from Tier I to Tier V, known from publisher Wargaming’s other massively multiplayer online (MMO) games.

Participants in this event will be climbing up in ranks as they progress in the game. First up, players versus events (PvE) will see ships take on artificial intelligence (AI) units. When these missions are completed, World of Warships will offer player versus player (PvP) combat.

It will be possible to play as both sides of the struggle, both US forces and Japan. Known vessels, such as the USS Fletcher or the Yamato class battleship, will be a part of the test.

World of Warships is the third MMO from Wargaming, based on the same militaristic ideals of the company. It follows the studio’s highly popular World of Tanks and the newer World of Warplanes.

As always, World of Warships will be a free-to-play game upon its eventual release. According to the development team, however, the naval MMO is still in early stages of development, so don’t expect it to launch in full any time soon.