Uncharted 4 Graphical Fidelity Explained by Naughty Dog

The official gameplay reveal trailer of Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End was received with much applauses at the PlayStation Experience event. It also showed off the graphical fidelity that Naughty Dog has managed to pull off with the game.

However, you know only half of it.

The developers held a panel at the PlayStation Experience called ‘Modeling Nathan Drake: Bringing an Iconic Character to PS4’ where they kind of explained their ‘secret weapon’ for being so good at the character modeling.

Ryan, the Lead Character Artist for Uncahrted 4 at Naughty Dog discussed various elements like how water affects the character’s hair, how his body position also affects his hair and how they are working on how the wind affects him.

Moreover, plants and Drake’s clothes also affect each other as he passes them by.

Shader Artist Yibling Jiang believes that their secret weapon was the Shader Package that was used to render physical based shading:

Basically we put all the researches and smart people ideas, all together in a black box and so we can tune the mud or we can tune the fabric or sand. It’s just so easy to adjust and boom, the final result is really cool.

This is not all; we have put up the complete panel above so that you can figure out how classy Drake is going to be this time around.