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The Dark Below Raid, Crota’s End Beaten in Under 6 Hours!

Raids in Destiny are something that every player keeps an eye out for. So far we have only received two, with the second one being launched only recently through The Dark Below expansion.

However, to our slight surprise it took only six hours for a team to achieve the ‘world’s first’ win over Crota’s End.

The feat was achieved by Invigorate Gaming.

Just as soon as they took down Crota’s End, the official Twitter profile of Bungie went on to announce that their team of seven had done it. Check out the detailed statistics of each one of their players in the embed tweet below.

So what do you think? Will someone be able to beat this? If so, how long do you think it will take for a better record to be formed?

If you remember, the first raid in Destiny. Vault of glass had taken much longer than Crota’s End to beat. To be exact, it had taken nearly 10 hours by the first team to complete it during which the total number of deaths amounted to 1606! You may revisit those glorious statistics here.

However, following the initial hardships, things had started to change as people grew more acquainted with the raid. A team of three managed to defeat the raid and then figures were released confirming that around 427000 people had defeated the raid from a total of over 2 million players who attempted it.

Do you think the same will happen to the first raid of The Dark Below? Let us know about your impressions on Crota’s End in the comments section below.