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Street Fighter V PS4, PC Crossplay Discussed by Adam Boyes

The unexpected reveal of Street Fighter V surprised a lot of the fans; but the thing that did more than just surprise them was the PlayStation 4 and PC exclusivity.

It was thought for a while that the exclusivity to PlayStation 4 would be timed but then Adam Boyes the Vice President of Publisher & Developer Relations at PlayStation confirmed that PS4 was the only console that the game will ever release on!

With that being settled, it was also announced that the game is going to have crossplay between the two platforms it is releasing on and Adam Boyes also commented on that in a Twitch live stream interview.

The interview was held during PlayStation Experience where he said that the tiered silos of the fighting games community are going to change thanks to the crossplay feature of Street Fighter V.

It would be ‘one big awesome experience’ when the PlayStation users will be able to compete against non-PlayStation users, he said.

Indeed it is true that segregation has existed between the communities of the same games. However, how are you looking at the ability to face PC players while you are using PS4 or vice versa?

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That being said, landing such a massive exclusivity deal is big step up for Sony especially in the kind of a race PlayStation 4 is in against Xbox One. On the same issue, Phil Spencer recently stated that they would rather invest in Killer Instinct than in Street Fighter V.

So far, Capcom has not shared any release dates for Street Fighter V; but don’t worry, we will be as vigilant on that front as we can!