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SimCity 2000 is Currently Free on Origin; Get it While You Can!

Well, if you have been around thee gaming community for well over a decade, you would know a lot about SimCity 2000. If you don’t, here’s your chance to get to know the game by getting for free from Origin.

According to this post on the official Origin website, they are currently giving away the SimCity 2000 Special Edition ‘On the House.’

So why exactly are they giving it away for free? Here’s what they are saying:

There’s no catch. Grab full games, expansions and more at absolutely no cost. Just make sure to act fast because On the House specials can appear and disappear at any time.

This means you can get the full game and keep it for the time when you feel like revisiting the good old childhood days.

As far as the contents of the SimCity 200 Special Edition are concerned, it includes ‘the SimCity Urban Renewal Kit, the Vol. 1 scenario pack, remade music, new cities selected by Maxis from a 1994 competition, bonus scenarios and cities, and movies.’

If you are interested in some old school city building simulation that also happens to be the second installment in the lasting franchise, this is your chance.

SimCity 2000 was originally released on December 31, 1993 for Mac OS, Amiga and DOS followed by a Windows, SNES and Saturn release in 1995 and PlayStation release in 1996. The latest release of the game was to PlayStation Network back in 2008.

So, who is up for some city building?