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Outplay Entertainment Games Pass 20 Million Downloads

Publisher Outplay Entertainment has announced that it has surpassed 20 million downloads for its range of mobile games.  Doug Hare of Outplay Entertainment said the following about the milestone:

Surpassing 20 Million downloads is a testament to the team’s ability to create games that stand out as fun and engaging in a market that is incredibly competitive. Our growth is accelerating and we’re actively looking to add to our team as we expand our portfolio further and reach more people on their smartphones and tablets each day.

The mobile market is harsh. Every day, dozens of new games launch, making it nearly impossible for any one project to get through to the fickle mobile audience.

Currently, the company has seven releases, most of them available through both iOS and Android. All of these games are free-to-play downloads, including their eighth title spinoff, Pug Rapids, released through their new label, Bite Size Games.

With 20 million downloads, the publisher is seeing an increase of 32,000 new downloads per day.  That’s not bad for a company that started in 2012 with just one game, Word Trick.

Through those short few years, the studio has been able to employ 80 people, assembled from a dozen countries, from Italy to Iran. In May of this year, Outplay Entertainment was able to secure $5 million in funds from Oxford Captial to grow the company.

Still, the company is hard at work to provide even more games. There are currently three more projects in development.

Some of its more exciting new releases include the tower defense title, Alien Creeps, as well as Monster Legacy, a roleplaying game with Pokémon sensibilities.