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Nintendo Europe Promises “Regular Supply” of Amiibo Units

With Amiibo units flying off the shelves at high speeds, consumers are worried about the current stock going dry. Additionally there’s been much confusion about certain Amiibo models that are speculated to be discontinued once all units are sold. These models include Wii Fit Trainer, Marth, Villager and more.

According to retailers, the part about them being discontinued is true. Nintendo of America on the other hand stated that the company fully plans on restocking once the first wave of units are sold. No models will be “gone forever” and consumers don’t have to worry about such speculations. However, later it was mentioned that due to “shelf space constraints” some Amiibo models will not return.

Nintendo of Europe has now offered a statement to set the record straight with fans.

“Nintendo of Europe would like to confirm that supplies of Amiibo are currently available in the European market. Amiibo have been very popular at launch and as such it’s always possible that a few retailers may have sold out. We are continually aiming to always have a regular supply of Amiibo brought into the marketplace and there are many waves of Amiibo to come.”

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s best to grab on to whatever you can find right now. On that note, if you miss your chance, Nintendo plans to bring them back in its second wave.

via My Nintendo News