Killzone: Shadow Fall Update Adds Valor Currency to Purchase Previously Released Paid-Content

The Valor Patch is the latest update for Killzone: Shadow Fall and is now available in North America and Europe, Guerrilla Games announced today.

Adding a “whole new dimension” to the game’s multiplayer, the Valor Patch allows players to utilize a new in-game currency – Valor – to unlock previously released paid-content.

According to the developer, you earn Valor points by playing online multiplayer. Your score in matches is automatically converted to the new currency. Players can also earn Valor by completing new challenges listed on the Update screen.

There’s more to Valor, as Guerrilla Games continued explaining:

  • Your Valor can be exchanged for Mystery Boxes, which offer you a random chance to receive a valuable customization or gameplay item. They come in two flavors: Customization Mystery Boxes and Gameplay Mystery Boxes.
    • A Customization Mystery Box will have a change to unlock a customization item that you do not own yet, including previously paid-only content.
    • A Gameplay Mystery Box will give you a random chance to unlock a gameplay boost. These can only be activated during a match, and will only last for one round.
  • The first Double Valor weekend is expected to be announced soon and will give players a head start. The update will arrive in Asia and Japan at a later date, which the developer did not reveal. It will probably be by the week’s end.

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