Heroes of Might & Magic III HD Reveal Clip Shows A Silly Process Of HD Remakes

Fans of strategy games can look forward to a lot of lost time, as Heroes of Might & Magic III is getting an HD remake. Publisher Ubisoft announced that the classic will come to PC via Steam on January 29, 2015.

At the same time, Heroes of Might & Magic III will get an HD lift on both iOS and Android. Only tablets will be able to run the game, but that’s still a giant time-sinker to have installed on the go.

Heroes of Might & Magic III features 7 campaigns and 47 skirmish maps. PC owners will also be able to take on a map editor for more content.

Through Steamworks, the HD remake will offer an online multiplayer lobby. Local multiplayer will be available as well.

heroes of might & magic III hd

It may sound random to port a game in the middle of its series, but Heroes of Might & Magic III has the special reputation of being the highest received title in its community. Developer DotEmu is providing this HD port.

DotEmu is a known company in the port circuit. Recently, the company has brought back Metal Slug 3 and Metal Slug X to Steam.

Perhaps the neatest thing about the announcement of the Heroes of Might & Magic III HD remake is its accompanying trailer. In it, we get to see exactly what an HD port entails.

It turns out that bringing an old game to the HD world is just a painstaking tracing of old, stretched out assets. It’s not exactly hard work, but it is labor intensive.