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H1Z1 Early Access Features Three Different Server Types

SOE has revealed that H1Z1 will feature three different types of servers when the game’s Early Access goes live on January 15.

According to the company’s President John Smedley, the servers will be broken down into different rule sets where one will have no zombies, the second where players can kill zombies with a single headshot, and PvE.

Everyone who buys into Early Access will be able to choose from any of the three options. SOE though is unsure at this point on just how many servers to launch for each type. That is something the studio plans to decide close to launch.

Aside from the three rule-sets mentioned above, there will also be Event Servers with different rules such as Battle Royal. Access to these will be restricted through a “ticket” system where one ticket can be purchased for as low as $0.99. However, you can also earn tickets by simply playing the game.

Tickets will also come bundled with a $39.99 Early Access package, the most expensive of the lot. The cheaper one will cost you $19.99 but will have no tickets.

Smedly promised that with time more Event Servers will be added and that SOE plans on rewarding players with prizes, “similar to what Hearthstone does with The Arenaā€¯.