Dragon Age Inquisition Patch 2 Makes Characters Look Old

The Dragon Age Inquisition Patch 2 might have been released only a couple of hours ago but it seems like the effects are already showing. Sadly, the effects I am talking about here translate into a new bug.

According to various reports we have picked up on the internet, it seems like the update might have done something with the visuals of the game – especially how the characters look.

There are a couple of screenshots floating online that suggest the Dragon Age Inquisition Patch 2 has actually made many of the character look order with faces that look worn out. Other characters are now seen to have a white shine in their hair that looks dangerously close to white hair.

Dragon Age Inquisitin Patch 2 bug

So what? Bioware wants to make your character feel the effect of time? It seems like the update is actually making some of the characters look really old – hilarious as it seems.

In other cases, the complexions of the characters have changed and some have lost the scars that players planted on them so lovingly when customizing.

We are not sure what Bioware wanted to do when this happened but I am sure they will give it the due attention – and maybe find some other way of introducing older characters into the game than a bug.

How many of you have faced similar differences in your character before and after the Dragon Age Inquisition Patch 2 was released? Let us know in the comments section below so that we can figure out how widespread this issue is.

We will be reaching out to Bioware for more information and will update you as soon as there is any.