Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Gets Visited by Tales from the Borderlands

Fans of Borderlands love Borderlands The Pre-Sequel; but the kind of love most of us have for Tales from the Borderlands is a class apart. So how would you feel if some new mission mingled content from the two together?

Well, when you get the new DLC for The Pre-Sequel on December 16, it will also bring you a special mission with content from Tales from the Borderlands!

Excited? So are we!

You will be wondering how exactly you will be able to get your hands on this; worry not, Gearbox Software has explained everything in great detail:

Once you’ve downloaded the newest update for The Pre-Sequel, head to the Hyperion Hub of Heroism and talk to Nakayama to receive the Handsome AI mission, a quick errand that sheds some light on Nakayama’s plans to immortalize everybody’s favorite Hyperion CEO using high-tech artificial intelligence that could change things on Pandora!

Even if you have not played the old game, the trailer above is going to give you a good enough idea about what is going down in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel in a week’s time.

As far as Nakayama’s technology is concerned, you will be way more acquainted with that after you have played through the special mission that is coming your way in the next Borderlands The Pre-Sequel DLC.

Are you going to buy the downloadable content pack?