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WWE 2K15 Patch 1.02 Addresses Some Major Concerns

2K Games has released a new patch for WWE 2K15 to address some of the major issues that have been bothering the players since the release.

Developers emphasize that this update is being delivered strictly to single out and resolve the bugs and problems, while the upcoming updates will improve the overall stability.

The update is available now for PlayStation 4, and will soon make its way to Xbox One.

Few of the major fixes done by this patch are listed below:

  • Fixed issues that could affect a player’s save data and downloadable content
  • Fixed an issue that could impede progress in MyCAREER
  • Addressed several issues related to downloadable content presentation and intercompatibility

Furthermore, the online issues like custom superstar name not appearing and player selection problem have been fixed as well.

In addition, a large number of changes and improvements have been brought to the gameplay that will improve the AI behavior during tag team and royal rumble matches, tag team finishers with custom superstars will work, and some of the moves will have better animations.

UI was facing some problems as well, and most of those issues have been addressed with the new update as well.

WWE Creation is one of the biggest features of WWE 2K15, and it was facing several display issues, which have now been fixed.

Visual Distortions that were occurring during the entrances of superstars have been reduced along with some other presentation issues.

Now that the major issues have been addressed, developers can focus on bringing the stability changes to WWE 2K15.

For more information on this patch, visit the game’s official website.