Uncharted 4 Devs Discuss Nathan Drake’s Trigger Happy Side

Killing enemies is one of the most important aspect of video games today. We see heroes with various motives taking down everyone and everything in sight – Uncharted 4 is probably not going to be much different.

One of these heroes is our very own treasure hunter Nathan Drake. Who, since the first Uncharted, has killed hundreds if not thousands I believe. His character is pretty similar to Indiana Jones, except that Jones wasn’t a killer, Nathan is.

Killing a plethora of people while on the hunt for a treasure or a lost city might seem a bit psychotic and some see him as a trigger happy mass murderer, rather than a hero.

At PlayStation Experience Event, we saw the world premier of Uncharted 4 gameplay and as expected, it featured a lot of killing.

During a StoryTelling in Video Games panel at Sony’s PSX, creative director of Uncharted 4 Neil Druckmann, commented on Nathan Drake’s excessive killing:

You always try to make sure the writing and the gameplay fit within the context of each other and we work really hard on that, adjusting gameplay, adjusting writing,” before going on to say that “you know, in an action game you’re probably gonna kill more people than you see in a film.

So you have to kind of find what your comfort zone is and know the tone of what it is you’re making and stick to your gut and ignore NeoGaf as much as you can.

Seems like Neil is not really a fan of people discussing Nathan’s personality on NeoGaf.

I believe that if you feel guilty or bad about killing in video games, then this hobby is not for you. Or maybe you should try a different set of games, which feature no bloodshed at all.

It doesn’t mean that you’re wrong, it just means that you’re more sensitive towards the matter which is completely understandable.

How do you feel about Nathan’s trigger happy life style and excessive killing in video games in general?

Source: Youtube