Team Fortress 2 End Of The Line Update Gets A Movie And It’s Awesome

Valve’s famous title Team Fortress 2 has received a highly anticipated fan made film which is nothing short of impressive.

The film is called End of the Line and the fans must have watched its trailer hundreds of times, but now you can watch the whole thing attached above. There’s no reason to reveal anything regarding the video as it will spoil the surprise for you.

It’s just a 15-minute video, and this awesomeness should not be missed by anyone whether they are a fan of the game or not.

The film is directed by James McVinnie and has been released to coincide with the community update of the same name that contains a number of new additions.

Following are some of the new items and features that have been added to Team Fortress 2:

  • Community Crate Key for End of the Line
  • Multi-Class Melee Weapons
  • Pyro Taunt – Pool Party
  • Duck Tokens and Duck Journals for the newly added “End of the Line” event

In addition to this, some fixes, changes and enhancements have been done to improve the overall experience of the game.

What do you think of the new Team Fortress 2 short movie and the community update? Was the long wait worth it? Let us know in the comments below!