Sons Of Anarchy Mobile Game Announced; New Characters, Location Confirmed

The famous TV series Sons of Anarchy is coming to an end later today, but show’s creator Kurt Sutter wants the brand name to live on through a new video game.

The game based on the hit TV show has been confirmed to be in development at Orpheus Interactive and its called Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect. It is a mobile video game and will release sometime in 2015.

Accompanying Orpheus Interactive is another studio called Silverback Games, and both of them combined will tell a story of an unknown character of the Sons MC along with new characters and a new location.

The story of the show has been really popular, and the good news is that Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect’s script has also been written by the show’s writers.

The game will be made available episodically just like Telltale Games does it, but no fixed release date has been provided yet.

With the TV show ending after seven seasons, I am sure that a lot of fans would want to continue the journey through this game. However, not many mobile games live up to their promises, so here’s hoping that this one will be up to the mark.

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