Praises be, Konami To Bring Suikoden I And II To PSN

Playstation is celebrating twenty years of existence and publisher Konami is ensuring that this event is quite special with the announcement of Suikoden ports coming to Playstation Network. Both the first Suikoden and Suikoden II will be available as Playstation 3 downloads in January 2015.

For roleplaying game (RPG) fans, this sounds like a wish come true, as the original PSOne releases are hard-fought fan favorites. You’ll likely pay less for a digital download than for a collector’s item.

Suikoden is a rather standard tale. You’re a hero, tagging along with a party, trying to save the land. To do so, the team has to acquire 108 Stars of Destiny, which can overcome the region’s turmoil.

A similar story is true for Suikoden II, as the Stars of Destiny make another appearance. The original launch dates back to 1997, while the sequel launched in 2000.

Combat in the first two titles is seen in isometric view with 2D sprites for enemies and the party itself. Some neat camera angles zoom in on hits for some captured emphasis, as moves progress in a turn-based manner.

And yes, Konami has actually been listening to the cries for a port. Konami’s president, Shinji Hirano, mentioned the following:

We have received countless requests to revisit the series, so are delighted to be able to satiate its fans with these digital editions of the first two games. We hope people enjoy returning to the world of Suikoden, and that maybe its clever mechanics and engrossing story wins it a new fanbase.

An exact price and release date for the two Suikoden releases will follow later.