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Next Dementium Game or Port News Coming in Early 2015

Good news for everyone who is a fan of survival horror titles. The Evil Within might or might not have shaken you up as much; but there might just be another title waiting in line for you. Renegade Kid have something up their sleeve and it might just be related to the next Dementium game!

Nintendo DS owners would know of the nightmarish world where you fight your own dreams to come face to face with reality. Unlike the original game in the series, Dementium II was not released exclusively to Nintendo DS but also to PC.

Now, the cofounder and director of Renegade Kids, Jools Watsham has taken to Twitter with a teaser message. While he didn’t clarify the exact nature, he did reveal that they had some announcements coming our way:

We have some firm plans for Dementium, which I hope you’ll be excited about. We’ll be announcing some Dementium-related news in early 2015!

Now honestly, this could be about anything from a previous games’ PlayStation 4 port to a revamped Xbox One edition; or may be the next Dementium game for even more platforms than the last installment.

I say that because back in September, the developers had said they will be looking at sequels as well as ports for the game after they had reacquired the rights. It looks like we are left with no option that to wait for the developers to share some more news regarding their future plans.

What do you think? Are we looking at the next Dementium game or a port to the more known platforms?